Who are we?
Kingfont is a stamping part supplier with 37 years' experience, based in Taiwan, Asia.
Kingfont makes memory card slots.

SD Connectors, Micro SD Connectors, CompactFlash Connectors, SIM Connectors ...

Kingfont provides custom-designed precision stamping parts

with our 37 years' experience in designing and manufacturing connectors and interconnects

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over 0 sqaure meters factory and R & D center
Our factory and laboratory are located at Southern Taiwan, Asia and R & D Center at Taipei.
0 years' expertise
We are professionals when it comes to manufacturing connectors.
over 0 pieces of utility patents
Our R & D team is one of the strongest in the world in designing and inventing.

Your trusted in-house connector supplier

  • Memory Card Slots/Connectors
  • Input/Output (I/O) Connectors
  • Terminals and Housings
  • Custom-designed Interconnects
  • Other related components…

    Our Journey

    Established in 1983, Kingfont is one of the world-leading manufacturers of electrical connectors and related components based in Taiwan. Having been concentrating on perfecting stamping processes and progressive-die development, over 37 years of experience in tooling and mechanical design has transformed Kingfont from a stamping component provider and a manufacturer of electrical connectors, to a professional Original Equipment/Design Manufacturer (OEM/ODM).

    Hello, Kingfont!

    Ranging from mold-making to reliability tests, this film clip demonstrates Kingfont’s capabilities to design and manufacture good quality connectors.

    R&D Design  2:26
    Mold Manufacturing  3:45
    Product Manufacturing 5:15

    Total Quality Control  7:45
    ✡️ Reliability Test- Introducing Kingfont’s Laboratory  9:13

    Precision Stamping parts. Cusom interconnects. Insert AND OVER Molding components. Cable Assemblies.